your home immortalised

March 23 untill May 9th, I am crowdfunding for my project and research 
- edit:  the project is succesfully crowdfunded! -

"your home immortalised"


Help me with my research by becoming my muse! Choose a 'quid pro quo'  for example a personalised painting of your house.

see my video on YouTube with English subtitles

(on the website of voordekunst you can see all quid pro quo, email me if you dont understand and I'll help you.)

A painting of your home (or holidayhome, cabin in the woods (yes please!), the house you grew up in) of 90x90 for € 990.
Or a pencil drawing for €50 or a digital drawing for €150.
Or a donation without a quid pro quo, just to support me.

You are proud of your home...

You grew up there, you had it built yourself or had a good time there, it's your garden house or your 2nd home, it's brand new or a bit older... A tinyhouse, a flat, a semi-detached, or ... surprise me!

Happy to paint your home, your home is a wonderful source of inspiration!

Also, this is an exploration of the stories around houses, living, and the role of trees in it. At the end, with your stories, houses and trees, I will make a documentary about the process of painting and your input.

People sometimes ask me: "do you work on commission?"

No, I always make my paintings autonomously. But I am temporarily making an exception and I will work on commission.

I have been a visual artist for over 30 years - I make contemporary paintings with acrylic paint. In recent years, I have been painting houses in natural woodland settings. I look for the combination of nature, environment, trees, forest, in relation to humans.

In terms of content, the work is about the exciting interaction between nature and man: what do we do, where do we live, how does nature endure.... because without trees we cannot exist. But without a roof over our heads, existence is also uncertain. A home also reveals something of our personality.

Visually, I play with verticals and horizontals in my work. Poetic rhythms, partons, structures with a clear preference for bright colours and a neon touch, sometimes an addition of sheet aluminium, -gold, -silver.

The story

The painting also has a narrative role, as the title of the works often tells it, e.g. "arrived": a car is parked next to the house.

On my website, you can see more paintings of houses in their surroundings, architecture and nature, such as:
* "Nearly there", still down the last path, the inflatable flamingo is ready to take a dip in the pool (there is no pool to be seen, but the suggestion is enough).
* "It's a wrap": a wooden house wrapped in aluminium foil as protection against forest fires.

It is a shuffling of meanings, literal and figurative layering, but always with a rhythm, a poetic grid.

You decide which notes I use, I remain the composer of the work.
I look forward to your input!

All visual material, texts and work processes feed the research. With those parts I will make commissioned paintings, but also a documentary:
-your home, my muse-.
That film report will reflect the project, the progress of making the paintings, but I will also include your input of homes and stories.

If you want to provide input to the research, please select a quid pro quo on the website of 'voordekunst' and make a donation.
After the succesfull crowdfunding I will conact you and I will need the following from you:

  • one or more photos of your house (or your holiday home, your tinyhouse, your garden shed, your dream villa, the house you grew up in...). If you don't have suitable photos, I will give you instructions on how to take your own.
  • a photo of a forest, a bunch of trees or at least one tree that has special meaning for you.
  • a story of your home and tree of up to 500 words, so I can be guided by that.

If you commission me to paint your home, how does it work?

Then too, around May 10th I will contact you and you may send me photos (of house and tree), and a story.
You can see it in the quid pro quo: the option to commission a painting.
Normally, a painting of this size costs 90x90 cm: length plus width times 11. Makes € 1980,-
Only on the occasion of this crowdfunding, I am making a maximum of 10 paintings for half the price. So 90 + 90 = 180 x 5.5 = € 990.

You, as my muse-provider, will visit my studio once (in real life or via zoom or skype) in between and see the work in progress. I make a process video report of each work and put it in YouTube on 'private' so that only you have access to it. And I make a page on my site with the progress, here you are also the only one with access.

* Before I start the painting, we will have contact and discuss the process.
* Do you want a painting, but not a part of the documentary? That's a possiblity, just let me know.

At the end, somewhere around October/November 2023, I organise a party with the contributors who have had a drawing or painting of their home made.
In my studio, with all the works around us. And you take your painting or drawing home with you.

Can't see the wood for the trees? Contact me!