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Are you interested in a painting at your home or company?

Prices depend on the chosen format and material and vary between length plus width x8 for smaller work, x11 for medium paintings up to x12,5 for bigger ones. 
Prices can be influenced by the importance within the portfolio. A recent painting measuring 100x100 cm costs around € 2200.

You can calculate the price of a work yourself. See the YouTube video about this on this page (with English subtitles).

For every painting I sell I buy 2 trees via Trees for all.

Hire - purchase arrangement:

Sometimes a work of art can be a considerable investment in one go, which is why I also offer the option of renting (purchasing). The rental or purchase of a work depends on the value of the work and can be determined in consultation. The painting is rented for a short or longer period of time, whereby the rent forms a piggy bank. As soon as the piggy bank has reached the purchase amount, the painting has been purchased.

Interested in this opportunity to have a painting of mine in your home, office or any other place? Send a message to post@astridmoors.nl or +31 6 10169502 and we will look at the possibilities. Click on 'buy or rent' on the page of the specific artwork you would like, fill in the form and I will contact you. 

If you rent a work of art, you arrange transport and insurance yourself, for the whole rental period.

Click 'buy or rent' on the page of the specific artwork you would like, fill out the form and I will contact you.

An artwork in assignment?

I would love that, I will come and talk about this, please fill out the contactform.

A practical example

Suppose you borrow 'rtfm', 105x105 cm.
This painting costs € 2310,-
Loan price 5% per month = € 115,50