(lenen of kopen, deze tekst in NL)

Are you interested in a painting at your home or company?

Prices depend on the chosen format and material and vary between
length plus width x8 for smaller work or x12 for bigger ones. 
Prices can be influenced by the importance within the portfolio.
A recent painting measuring 100x100 cm costs around € 2200.

For every painting I sell I buy 2 trees via Trees for all.

You can buy a painting.

If you buy the artwork, I will gladly bring it to you (for € 0,19 per km) and I will also hang it for you (in NL).

You can calculate the price of a work yourself: for smaller work it is length plus width x8, for medium-sized work (up to 1m2) it is x11, for larger work (+1m2) it is x12 (the factor of summer 2022). See the YouTube video about this on this page (with English subtitles).

Purchase by installment.

When yo live in the Netherlands, you can also pay a work of art in installments. You start with 20% of the cost of the painting. After that you pay 10% per three months. Two years later the artwork is paid fully in installments and it is yours. If you purchase an artwork by installment, you arrange transport yourself and insurance for at least the next 2 years.

Click 'buy or rent' on the page of the specific artwork you would like, fill out the form and I will contact you.
You can pay via Paypall, Creditcard or directly via the bank.

You can rent a painting.

You borrow the artwork of your choice for a minimum period of three months, when you live in the Netherlands. You pay the monthly 3% of the purchase value of the artwork. After three months the rental period can be canceled monthly.

Of these 3% two-thirds will be saved up for you, the remaining one-third is the actual borrowing cost. So you only pay 1% for borrowing the artwork. At the end of the rental period your savings can be used to purchase any artwork from my entire available collection.

Ofcourse you can decide to change the rental of an artwork for another artwork. The savings to buy an artwork will remain available for you. 

If you rent a work of art, you arrange transport and insurance yourself, for the whole rental period.

Click 'buy or rent' on the page of the specific artwork you would like, fill out the form and I will contact you.

An artwork in assignment?

I would love that, I will come and talk about this, please fill out the contactform.

A practical example

Suppose you borrow 'rtfm', 105x105 cm.
This painting costs € 2310,-
Loan price 3% per month = € 69,30
Of this, € 46,20 per month is saved for you to purchase a work.
You therefore pay € 23,10 per month for borrowing this artwork.